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Sorry to hear dude.
Here's hoping JA has the goods for you...

(I'm assuming you meant to say 'doesnt' get you anywhere in your post...)

Their's only a couple of mods to my knowledge that have actually gone on to be sold outright (CS and DoD - are there any others I don't know about?)
So I don't think it's really worth getting into modding with the solid idea of making money out of the mod itself.
Yeah - it's the dream - but that's what it will stay for 99% of us!
(Obviously it's just hobby territory for me!)

But didn't you say you were being looked at for a games programming job? Was that because someone noticed your mod? If so, I would say it's possible your mod could very well help get you somewhere...

Tell ya what - I wish I had looked into games programming when I was younger!
I could try and move into it now, but I'd have to take a nasty pay-cut to work my way in. So I think I'm gonna have to stick to the boring MFC GUI stuff now! (Well, it's not THAT boring really - but you know what I mean )

Anyway - good luck with your future projects man

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