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OOC: This is confusing, Oh well I'll play along.

Vessen watched as the person shot it out with the troopers and decided it was best that he should help out his new companion. He drew his blade and dropped from the top of the pillar, he charged and swung his blade at an opposing trooper and severed his neck. The trooper fell and his companions began to send a wave of lasers toward the cloaked zabrak. He quickly rolled out of the way and stabbed a trooper in the chest, he pulled the blade out the man's chest and hit another reverse blade. Vessen then jumped out of the way as a thermal detonator bounced towards the group. A firery explosion went off and the troopers lay dead on the ground. The alarm was sounding as Vessen and his companion fled from the scene. Vessen then thought to himself, "Why do I always get into trouble with the empire..."

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