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Heimdall: Yes we are going in a minute. Before we do though, I presant you with these. *Heimdall motions to the boxes*

*Idun goes to box with her name. Moving the sheathed sword aside she opens it. In the box lays a full suit of Mithril armor. Picking up a guantlet Idun looks at Heimdall*

Idun: You made us Mithril armor?

Heimdall: Yes. After our encounter with Hel, I believed we needed better armor and protection. Each suit is a custom fit. Try on that guantlet...

*Idun does as requested. Slipping her hand into the Gauntlet. It was comfortable but a little loose. 30 seconds later the gauntlet is encircled by particles. The mithril shrinks and forms it'self to Idun's hand. When the particles disappate the guantlet felt like another layer of skin. Idun rotates her wrist and finally sees runs carved into the guantlet.*

Idun: I see you've haven't lost your touch with that spell.

*Heimdall smiled*

Heimdall: When you initially put on the armor it will be a little loose. Wait a moment for it to mold itself to you. After that it will be a perfect fit.

Idun: Very nice. I assume this is a standard mix?

Heimdall: Of course. Cortosis is mixed into the Mithril making the armor resistant to lightsabers. It is also extermly light, it is very easy to forget you are wearing armor. For that mater you can wear it under your clothes.

*Idun looking at Heimdall then sees the blueish glint of his own mithril guantlet. He already wore his own armor under his robes.*

Svafa: What about the sword?

Heimdall: Yes I thought we could talk abou....

*Before Heimdall could finish the sword flies from his grip and hovers at the center of the group.*

Sword: This is enough. Rebuilt me you have. A terrible journey you have commenced. Death will soon find and be part of this group. Light is diminishing, dark is gaining, soon eternal night. To continue you must solve this:

Blades of red,
Blood they shed,
Crused by hunters,
Hide in the shadows,
On world believed empty,
Quest will go to heart of the cursed,
Light will fight Dark again.

*With that the blade fell to the ground, giving a resonding clang as it hit. Heimdall pick up the blade*

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