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((OOS: I don't remember the NRI being able to destroy a planet...

JM: I intended for the tower to have no way to access to the top except jump or fly but...hey, never mind ^_~ next time I'll try actually telling people this stuff ))

Gilian: I don't think you heard a word I said, or perhaps you didn't understand it. Listen to me. If you destroy this planet you will be a murderer, as there's no possible way to get every being off of it. As for your are dealing with forces you clearly do not comprehend. A blockade would be meaningless. A simple glamour spell, and a hundred vampires could be slipping off-planet right under your nose.

Rwos: It doesn't matter, Gilian. *to Flax* We aren't leaving this planet. We are going to try to end this. All I ask is that you don't interfere in any way.

Starr: We're coming with you.

Rwos: What? Why?

Starr: We need your help. And we aren't letting you out of our sight until you can give it.

Gilian: What makes you think we'll let you? Or give it?

Starr: I know about the other Blade in this dimension. I know what he's been doing.

*Gilian's eyes narrow* I swear---

Rwos: *interrupting* Fine. We don't have time for this. We'll discuss this matter at a more opportune time.

*Gilian's red glider rises into view at the window*

Rwos: Here's your wings, Cracken.

*Rwos looks at Gilian. She looks as if she wants to say something but stops. Wordlessly, she takes out a remote and points it at her glider. Several translucent, glowing disks detach from the underside and float to symmetrical positions around the glider*

Rwos: Do we have a destination?

Gilian: Yes. I ran a scan on the area infested, looking for specific magics that I sensed in those books. Found trace magic all over the place - looks like we have a teleporter - but the oldest traces are all in one place.

*Rwos looks at the others* Deac, Cracken, Starr? I assume you *motioning to Hal, Irvine and Greer* have other plans. *to Kalidor* You may come, if you wish...

Gilian: *mounting the glider* Step on the platforms. They're safe.

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