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Originally posted by Lynk Former
I'd like to mod aresen just cause I've been there for a long time but I never will unless Cracken or someone steps down or something. But even then Aresen doesn't really need moderators, it basically mods itself... and with the swamp, it's pretty difficult in there and besides you have plenty of supermods and a couple of competant mods in there at the moment. The chances of you or Z or anyone else modding a place like the swamp is pretty damn low.

It doesn't matter if Z or anyone deserves anything in the end it's upto the admins and the admins alone to decide who moderates what... and this thread really isn't helping anyone but making the admins think we're all idiots...
Well, you gotta remember I didn't make the thread. I mean, sure, its pretty obious I wanna be a mod (who doesn't) But I didn't plan on being a mod of the Swamp. I really want to mod the Collecting Forum. But, I didn't think I was gonna get modded. Its not up to the members. Or the mods. Or the super mods. Its up to the admins. And I'm not gonna argue. If they don't think I should be a mod, thats OK. If they think this thread should be closed, then that fine, also. Lets just not fight here.

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