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Paidhi checking in.

RPG: SWG: An Empire Devided.
Name: Paidhi A'tah
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Profession: Smuggler
Background: I was born in hyperspace, son of an Imperial Ranger (mother, father unknown). Spent my youth traveling from system to system. Educated on bases. I use my contacts within the Empire and underworld to get products where they will do the most good. Occasionally finding "extra" Imperial materials that I can "distribute".
Description: Middle aged Zabrak green skin and black tattoos. Horns are stylish and kept at a nice bright sheen.
Weapons: Power5 pistol and my body.
Droids: LE-V8 (General purpose repair droid with astromech and protocal mods).
Vehicles: Helix Interceptor B.
Place of birth: Galactic space.

Expediter of Dark Sovereignty
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