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*RH Irvine stands on the ramp of the cargo door, as he remote pilots his ship down along with the disks.*

RH Irvine: *Glaring back at Cracken.* "Listen here old man, believe it or not the only way I even know you is by my name, propaganda, and actual documentary about you. As far as anyother times in my life where I was in physical contact with you, I was far too young to remember." *Turns back at the others.* "Now that I got that off my shoulders, I re-send my offer, becuase definately a ship flying around that appears to be more of a civilain carrying feighter then an actual fighter like mine really is, wouldn't[/i] be as 'noticeable' espcally with this panic, as apposed to 7 or 8 people hovering around on translucent disks."

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