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Vessen unshoulders his rifle and loads a clip into it. The two charge out into the battle. Guns flaring Jatari takes out an AT-ST with his RPG while Vessen took out the troopers, the AT-ST's were firing upon him sending a wave up lasers his way but he merely dodged them with his incredible speed. Then he tossed his empty rifle aside and took out his blade The Reaver. He hacked, slashed, and sliced the troopers into pieces. Blood statined his deadly blade as he fought trying to keep away from the fire of the AT-ST's. Suddenly his blade was knocked from his hands by a laser and Vessen had to resort to his Teras Kasi skills. He jumped and kicked the chest of a trooper knocking him senseless in the process. Next he charged at another and quickly whipped off his helmet and broke his neck. But then a laser hit Vessen's chest, sending him onto the floor. The battle raged on as the troopers tried to end the on slaught.

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