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Originally posted by Black Mamba
im still searching for those files Storm.

The Demo and the real game are so different you wouldnt belive me, the real games contrals are flawless and once you pass the first level with them your on a roll.
Thanks for still looking, mate.

I actually managed to get some mouse control, though, by changing the keybinds in binds.cfg. I swapped the movement keys with the camera movement, and after some fiddling managed to get Indy to turn left, go forward and go back. I couldn't get him to go right, though, no matter what combinations I used for the X, Y and Z axis for mouse.

The other problem is that because the game is 'hit-key' oriented, the slightest mouse movement sends Indy off in a new direction. Unless there is some way to dampen the mouse sensitivity (I tried lowering the mouse sensitivity in-game, but it didn't work), then it's probably not going to be playable using the mouse.

What I was trying to aim for was to get Indy to move forward, left or right (but not back), and then try to get the camera control configured to the usual movement keys (just left or right would do). I was trying to get an over-the-shoulder feel for the character movement. For some reason, though, the camera control didn't work when bound to the keyboard - unless I kept it linked to the mouse X, Y and Z axis.

I experimented a little after that with the default key bindings, and actually managed better control by moving the camera to keep it centred on Indy's back, while moving Indy around with just the forward, left and right keys. It certainly takes some practice, but I might be able to manage it that way.

I don't know why...but pressing the 'back' key and having the character walk towards me does not feel natural to me, and I always have problems with it. It is very much a 'console' method of doing things, and works well on that platform, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it on the PC.

Anyway...thanks again for trying. If it can be modded (eventually) to an over-the-shoulder viewpoint (with the camera locked on to follow you), then I would probably enjoy the game a lot more.
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