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ahhahaahahaaha... if that isnt THE greatest example of situational irony i've ever seen i dont know what is. its funny too because thats what we were learning in school today (irony). i hope you dont mind me pulling a few posts off this thread and using it as an example for my homework. dont worry ill blur everyones names out and such and white out the url. on a more related note congratulations things seem to be looking up. we have word from tercero and it sounds like there is hope after all. though i still stand by my advice to think about how to apply this to JA instead of Outcast because, as im sure lots of other people have already pointed out, Outcast is dying for lack of a better word. though i guess if it can only come out for outcast then i guess it can only come out for outcast. this is of course your piece and you are entitled to do whatever you want with it.
ps. if i made a model i would probably put my name in front of it too... maybe even... god Atsuru??? has a nice ring to it... god...
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