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Official Jedi/Dark Jedi Fashion design, make your request known!

Since this game will offer unparreled design customization to its players, it's only a matter of time before the mod community makes the jump to Jedi fashion design. Search your feeling, you know it to be true! Honestly, I can't wait to play this game, and once I beat it. I'm going to be spending most of my time with it downloading new clothes/sabers to totally pimp out my Jedi killing machine. So here's your chance to request the snazziest outfits for your Jedi or Sith Wannabe! The only rule is it must be somewhat plausable outfit to wear in the star wars universe, i.e. a tommy hilfigure waredrobe isn't going to cut it (who'd want to anyway?), a KISS costume on the other hand may actually fit depending on the planet you were on. Again, this is costume only, no heads.

Dark Jedi: Soldius Snake's power armor.

In a word? Sweet. Technology wise this is possible in star wars, i.e. Phase III Dark Trooper and the armored collar gives it a real meanacing Sith type feel. The armor would also make getting slapped with a lightsaber and living a "little" more beleivable.

Here's a picture...

Dark Jedi: Vincent's Syndicate outfit from Cowboy Bebop.

Say what you want about his moral character, but you've got to admit, the guy is a snappy dresser. It manages to combine almost a regal feel with a dark warrior motiff. Great coloring with gold trim on black trenchcoat. Alien crow optional. Here's what it looks like...

He's the mean looking guy on the right.

Okay, post your pick!
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