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mort!!!! - If Wudan makes those anims, we will release them as a separate download.

Well, i'm going to assume the ded serv bug is not a universal bug, and proceed with a few last minute changes.

1) the dual blasters (not pistols) are gone....i miss them
- I

2) can't seem to have all 5 stances at once...i don't mind though
- For reasons of stability, you can only have all 5 stances if you have a single-bladed saber. If there's a huge demand, i'll make it possible to re-enable.

3) the grapple can't retract or detract...can't swing very well
- I will tinker with the grapple a bit more, but it will likely end up much as it behaves now, for reasons i won't go into.

4) the walking stances are blah (but that's raven/lucasart's fault)

5) there is a map limit display, bot list limit and still a model limit (though not as restricted)
- Did you reach another cap with the models?

"'s one thing i've always wondered....can you make the bot addition menu a pull-down with a list of all the bots instead of having to browse one-by-one across them?"
- Hehe, actually if you look at the AddBot menu, you'll see that it's a little bigger than normal. I tried to make a listbox for the bots last September, but was wasting too much time on it and decided to try to make dualguns instead...

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