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Originally posted by Azymn

5) there is a map limit display, bot list limit and still a model limit (though not as restricted)
- Did you reach another cap with the models?'s a lot higher but I noticed some of the default models were missing...

Originally posted by Azymn
"'s one thing i've always wondered....can you make the bot addition menu a pull-down with a list of all the bots instead of having to browse one-by-one across them?"
- Hehe, actually if you look at the AddBot menu, you'll see that it's a little bigger than normal. I tried to make a listbox for the bots last September, but was wasting too much time on it and decided to try to make dualguns instead...
Good call!
Lol, so that's why the bot box is bigger....thanks for trying are one hell of an editor!

I just tried the deticated again and I couldn't find my server in the list....might be my problem though...

The butterfly and aerial animations are very slow...could they possibly be sped up?

Skin Projects: (click on the links provided to download the files or view the current progress)
Emperor Palpatine: Completed
Jerec: Completed
Raas Avlow: Completed, but being redone
Mara Jade: Completed, but being redone which is nearly complete, New Mara WIP
Anakin Skywalker: Completed
Count Dooku: Done, not released
Ibtisam (Mon Calamari model) normal and rogue flight suit: Pending release
Talon Karrde: Completed
Rock Fisto (Kit Fisto model): Never released

E-mail me if you'd like to see or try one of these skins that I've not yet released.
Also, if you have an idea for a skin for me to make (Star Wars based preferably), please e-mail me with that idea and I'll take it under consideration for a future project.

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