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RPG:ANY( now For Hire,Swidiot's Cantina, the escape, and Cronicles of a bounty hunter.)
Name: Jatari Bazrak
Age: 29 standard yrs.
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Background: I was born on corellia, I lived a peacfull life til the empire came and destroyed our village. Many brave zabrak gave there lives so we could escape.

Then we came to a planet called TATOOINE and settled down in Mos Entha, but the black talon (organized by Mess the Hutt) found our location, gave it to the empire who destroyed the rest who escaped including my Mother and younger brother Zaron Bazrak.

Bio: A tan skinned zabrak with black Tatoo's, deadly silver horns scared with Blood in rememberance to that fateful day on corellia and a black goate. Wears a Black no-sleeve shirt w/ hood. Midnight blue jeans w/two twin double-blaster pistol holsters and 6 Thermal detonators on his black kryat Dragon leather belt.
Weapons: 2 Twin double-blaster pistols, 6 thermal detonators, and one detonator launcher.
Vehicles: Sassae Tiin's sharp spiral. I call mine NEMESIS
size: equal to Slave I

"It is one thing to die, it's another to be forgotten." -Jatari Bazrak
Rebel staff sergent

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