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"Mess is Bounty.."jatari said "what?
"*sigh* It all started on corellia, we lived a peacfull life until the Empire came and Destroyed our village. Many brave zabrak died that day, so we could escape. The rest of us, 'the Outcasts' went to Mos Entha,Tatooine thinking we would live the peacful life that we used to but ten years ago that all changed...
Mess the Hutt leader of the Black Talon gave away our location to the Empire, they came and destroyed the rest of my Family. Fortunatly they came while I was shooting targets in my T-16 skyhopper. Then I went to Jabba the Hutt and he gave me the mission to kill Mess the Hutt for 90,000 credits after I killed his rancor. Since I couldn't get to him dircetly, with all the security he had I took a job which was to Hunt down Vessen Berak. So i gained your trust so you could help me take out Mess the Hutt."

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