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((The original group is at one time dead and at the same time trapped traveling in time. As red said they were basically copied.

I'm also assuming that everyone is aboard the Asgardried))

Svafa's quaters
*Svafa's armor finishes fitting itself to her. She looks in to a mirror. In the center of the Cuirasse is the symbol for the Valkyries. Above that and to the right is smaller symbol of her family's coat of arms. To the left is a symbol for the Knights of Mentor.

At the bottom of the box was a sheild. On it was her family's coat of arms as well. Svafa marvelled at the craftsmenship of the armor and shield. She always knew her little brother liked using forges but she never realized how skilled a craftsmen he had become.

Stowing the shield. Svafa attaches puts on her sword/blaster belt. Fixing the holster to her hip she sheaths her sword. She then stores her new spear. Finally she leaves her quaters and joins Heimdall on the bridge, when she enters she seals the door.*

Svafa: Thank you for the armor. The craftsmenship is astounding.

Heimdall: Your welcome. Only yours, mine and Iduns are so ornate and I only made shields for us. For the others it is just plain.

Svafa: Is it wise to give them such a gift?

Heimdall: Fear not sister. There is a safe guard. I amoung the runes I put a safe guard. All that is needed is for us to say their name and a proper word and the armor will disintigrate.

Svafa: I should have known. So we are heading to Dagon Fel, I could have lived happily not having to go back there.

Heimdall: Luckly for us, you will know what traps were set.

Svafa: True. Shall I begin to set the course?

Heimdall: Sure. There a few things I must prepare. When we leave if anyone follows us here they will only find dust.

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