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((OOS: Sigh.

Firstly: I'm not exactly making this up as I go along. The reason I keep doing things so slowly is because A) I'm not the most competent person in the world () and B) I'm trying to avoid godmoding at all costs. And no one else seemed to want to come up with anything. (Except Scar, but...well.)

Redwing, the ability to do something and the willingness are two very different things. Flax wouldn't blow up a star for several reasons...
I'm sorry, then; I took it to be something added to his Roster of Powers. Especially since you said "with a thought".

While we're on this, Flax could have killed Sertmor and Vertmor quite easily, all he would have had to do was to force push them agaist a wall and decapitate them. Hal could have used a concussion rifle on the army of vamps.
I don't know about the former, but I had something planned for the latter. I did alot of planning. Which I get no credit for ;p

I could have vetoed Kvana's re-activation of the shields. Since the overload causes a blowout and the componants usually have to be replaced, or backups brought on line while they cool down.
They didn't necessarily overload; they could have been shut down and reactivated. Besides, as I recall it only happened once (perhaps twice)

Vampire goes to Coruscant, goes to Library and manages to find what he's looking for despite coming from a planet that neither reads nor speaks basic.
The books were not in Basic. I clearly stated that Kvana found the books by sensing them, and via a spell revealed their true content.

At this point I'd like to point out that if it wasn't for Flax and Co Vertmor would be ruling the planet and Deac and co would be running scared; since it took so long for Redwing to come up with something
At the point you've mentioned I believe my characters were running around trying to save Deac/start a subplot with the Shadows. So?

Redwing comes up with blocking out the sun, WTF?
It's new and different, and actually constitutes a threat. You know the good guys are gonna win in the end anyway. Why let them be confident of that?

Flax thrown off a 15km high sky scraper.
Flax wasn't the only one. Besides he could've easily survived. I wasn't trying to insult you by doing that.

We can't blockade the planet because they'll just leave through a hole in space.
So? This sounds like something your characters should be mad about...why are you upset about it?

The Jedi are the greatest in the universe, at everthing. You cannot better them
Then why, unless you're Corran Horn, can the Jedi not defeat everything as soon as it pops into existence? How were the Jedi defeated in the Star Wars movies? Show me where in the Star Wars universe it says that the Jedi rule as gods...

I've got nothing against Vampires but if they can just appear anywhere using a spell then the whole thing sucks.
First, no they can't. Something you forgot, I think, is that vampires cannot enter a living mortal's habitation without being invited in. So no, Kvana cannot teleport anywhere.

As for the the good guys having a hard time, why is this a problem? I generally try to make the Bad Guys more powerful than the Good Guys, so it's more effective when they (the Bad) get their asses kicked. If the Good Guys are the Ultimate Powers in the universe, what's interesting about them winning?

This entire apocalypse was created for four reasons:

A) Deac wanted the group together again.

B) I planned it so that it would be open enough for everyone to create their own material, but so there was a plot left to take place if no one wanted to.

C) Cracken wanted an interesting plotline for his character.

D) Certain people were descending into a pit of boredom back when nothing was happening.

I wasn't making this up as I went along, you know. Although the only person I discussed it with was Admiral, as he has Instant Messenger, and no one else replies to Private Messages [besides Scar]


Once Kvana is dead, everything he brought with him (spellbooks, etc) will be gone. The spellbooks were there to make Kvana a tangible threat. I wasn't planning to keep this going on forever anyway. Same with my vampires - I wanted them for PtH and Mrear (with the exception of Gilian) not this RPG, at least not forever. Tho you'll have to talk to Scar about his vampires

Tatooine? Well, I do realize the name of this thread is Cantina. Why do you think I was having it rebuilt? ))

Rwos: *to Cracken* I idea. However it's very possible you were in another dimension at the time. I don't know who the girl is, but I'll use all my resources to find out what I can...

As for your powers...I, well, I don't know. I can sense them, yet I don't know what exactly they are. I sense them in the same way I can sense magic, but it's definitely not magic. But I am completely Force-blind, so it can't exactly be the Force...

Gilian: *to Cracken* Be quiet. I'm heading to where the spellbooks rested. I don't know or care if it's even a library. *grumbles* The people in this galaxy...

*The glider lands. Sure enough it's in front of a library*

Gilian: The traces are in here.

*She walks into the library. It is empty except for a few droids*

Rwos: This is one of Coruscant's largest libraries. But until the vampires showed up, there wasn't any magic active in this dimension. How could magic spellbooks have ended up here?

*A voice comes from a balcony* A very good question.

*The group looks up to see a demon in a tattered cloak just above them. Only his face was visible through the hood. It was heavily scarred, and beige-toned. Besides that it appeared almost human. Almost*

Demon: Hello, champions. Aren't you going to ask me who I am?

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