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*Raschel bumps into Orthos in the hallway. She looks upset*

Raschel: So we're going to a Sith planet, huh? Words cannot express how excited I am. You wouldn't mind if I hid behind you the entire journey, would you?


Misae: *ignoring the knocking* It's my turmoil. Not yours. I mean, my master and all of you dead because the Aesir went and murdered eighty percent of the galaxy's intelligent life because their leader was dead. The only reason I am alive is because he died to stop them from destroying Coruscant, too. And here I am, working with his murderers on the small hope that we'll find a shiny silver ball that can bring him back. How exactly do you expect to help me? *She forces back tears and grits her teeth* If I'd been stronger...I could have saved him.

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