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Demon: I am Sejhan. And I must correct you; I am not in your way, I am here to...well, to kill you.

Gilian: I tremble in fear. I guess we'll just have to kill you first, then? *She extends her arm and hurls several throwing stars. The stars pass through the demon as if he were made of smoke*

Sejhan: One thing: I am, unfortunately, immaterial. However, they are not.

*A portal opens behind the demon. A tall, blue-green gargoyle with white hair steps out. Rwos immediately recognizes him*

Rwos: K'Warra!

*The gargoyle makes no answer. His face is terrifyingly blank and unresponsive. He carries himself as if he were sleepwalking*

Gilian: This is some kind of joke...right?

Another figure steps out of the portal, and it closes. The man's clothing looked oddly 18th-century Earth-ish, with a coat of armor of unusual make covering it. He carries a strange crossbow and a sword*

Man: Who are these? They are not my quarry...

Sejhan: No, but she *pointing to Gilian* Is a vampire. Those two *pointing to Cracken and Starr* Are Sith. And he *pointing to Rwos* Holds the information that you need to carry out your precious vengeance. All you need to do is subdue the others long enough for us to get it from him.

Rwos: *Startled* It's him. It's the "hunter" from the Shadow's ship...

*Beside him, Gilian looks shocked*

Him! But...that's impossible!


Ulna Shardes

*Farran's ship lifts up and ignites its engines. A cloak descends over it's exterior and the ship shoots out of the atmosphere, leaving the old lives of Farran and Artemis burning up with the capital city of Ulna Shardes.

Farran stares out of a window at the receding planet*

The second time this has happened to me. Leaving an old life behind for a new. I don't know where I'm going to go...but then again, I didn't last time, either?

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