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My computer doesn't freeze when going into the setup menu after creating a dedicated server and then joining it. So, no problems there.

More Bugs:

After spawning into a game where "Jedi vs. Merc" is set to "Basic", the first time you access the "Player Configuration" menu, the class descriptions will be messed up.

Dual Pistols do not have a 'ready' position and the single pistol does, but not like basic JKII. In basic JKII you can walk around with your pistol in a 'ready' position until you walk up or down stairs or jump. Currently, in ForceMod the single pistol's 'ready' position drops as soon as you move.

When the grapple hits a person it prints on the screen "hook hit person?". This, I suppose, was used for testing the grapple, but that message should be removed.

Any time I start a game it prints on the screen in a strait line "Welcome to our ForceMod II serverMay not switch teams more than once per 5 seconds."


In the "Configure ForceMod" menu the settings under "Lightsaber Integrity" read "Saber-Only Jedi", "Saber-Only Jedi (Locked)", "Changeable", "Locked until Respawn". But to be more descriptive "Changeable" should read "Changeable with Guns".

In the "Configure ForceMod" menu the settings under "SaberType" are "Breakable", "Splittable (Dualblade)", etc. But to be more descriptive "Splittable (Dualblade)" should read "Breakable and Splittable". (However, I'm not sure there is room for it).

When held in the double bladed lightsaber Green stance (standing still), the tips of the default, ep. I and ep. II blades definitely look flat. Then for the ep. III blade, although the blade really narrows, it still looks a little flat. And then for the ep. IV blade, although the blade is fat the tip still looks a little flat. Episode V and VI look fine. I don't really do skinning, but I'm thinking that if all the blade tips look fine in the other stances, but flat in this one position (resting position of the green stance), it might be because those sabers (default, I, II, III, and IV) are a little longer than V and VI and appear flat at that particular perspective.

In the cvar list is says that for "f_unspambots" the higher the number the less the bots spam force powers. Stupid question: does a 0 cause this feature to be turned off? (It doesn't specify that in the cvar list description).

I like the cvar "f_mortalwounds" but it seems that the players get knocked down way too much with it on. So maybe instead of causing a fall due to being shot in the leg, make it so that 1/4 of the shots in the leg causes a fall.

In the ForceMod Model Class Config. it says that a 2 = Dual Thrust and a 4 = Dual Thrust (No Model). What's the difference between the two? (The description doesn't really specify).

The Optic Radar's range seems a little too short to me.

The Jet Pack's ascend rate seem a little slow, but it is okay.

The Shield Regeneration rate is too slow. It causes the Shield Regenerator to be less effective than it should, in my opinion. Maybe you could add a cvar for this?

The grapple moves a bit too fast. After it connects to a wall or ceiling you don't really have a whole lot of time to stop the grapple from reeling you in (making it difficult to perform swings).

I don't know if this is possible, but it would be cool to have the lightsaber surrounded with the electricity effect (the same that players have when they are shocked) as the saber blocks lightning and drain. But this probably would surround the saber's hilt as well, and thus the player's hand. So, maybe that's not a good idea after all.


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