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Asgardried to RH Irvine: You foolish jedi wanna be. They do not want to repent. They are not sorry for what they did. Their goal is to save lives or if that is impossible then they try to minimize suffering.

What is there to repent about anyways?

*Idun exits her quaters in her suit of armor. Her's being adorned similar to Svafa's in the center was a symbol for the ruling concil. Above and to the righ her family coat of arms, and to the left the symbol for the Knights of Stendarr. Idun also has is carrying a Blaster and a sword*

Idun: The ship is right. We are not repenting anything. We would do this over and over again if we had to. Fenrir would have savagly killed everyone in the galaxy. We stopped billions from having to suffer. How can you feel sorry about prevanting and minimizing suffereing?

*walking past him*

You do realize that the door is closed and she most likely didn't hear a word you were saying unless she was listening very carefully?

*Heading to the lounge almost to herself*


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