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Originally posted by Azymn
I just uploaded final beta 3 (if there are 11 'final' fantasys, it's okay to have multiple 'final' betas, right? )
Check your emails for the link.

- Saber stance problem
- Animations after coming out of roll with a gun tweaked (thanks for the tip Wudan)
- cvar_list.txt is updated and complete
- bogus bot scripts removed
- bots.txt edited to prevent forced classes for base models

rut-wa: There's not a command for that, and i'm afraid time is too short to add it now. I will consider adding the team color skins disabler, but I wanna make sure everything else is stable before i add any more new features.
Azymn !
I`m really grateful for all the fixes and updates you have done during the beta testing of this mod. I don`t want to sound pushy but can you give me updated info on the following questions.

1) Have you decided to add a Team colour disable Cvar
2) Have you been able to fix bots constantly switching their sabers on and off if Bot_honourableduelacceptance cvar is set to 1.

BTW ! Thank you for the the honour of being able to test this outstanding Mod
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