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Redwing, guys, sorry, too little sleep. Redwing, thanks for clearing that up.

My basic problem is that Scar is trying to raise his Vamps to a level above the average Jedi. No they are not Gods, no they are not invincible. However, they are incredibly powerful, they certainly represent the top end of power.

Scar has his Vamps running slightly faster, jumping slightly higher, I'm sorry but it doesn't cut it.

Something I should have mentioned, which I honestly thought I had.

Flax was not trained under Skywalker, he was trained by his father after the fall of the Republic, so was Sophae, which is how they first knew each other. Later Flax' parents were killed when he went off to join the Alliance 1 BBY, he was trusted enough that he was allowed to fly his Headhunter to the rally point.

The shuttle was attacked by GTs and Hal forght them off. For this he earned imidiate promotion to Flt Officer and activation in Red Squadron.

Sophae initiated a romantic relationship with Flax after he saved her life, they were married in the celebrations after Yavin, Flax was promoted to Captain and made Red XO under Farlander. Hal was born durring the evacuation of Hoth.

When Farlander left, after the establishment of Echo Base Flax was made Red CO. Since Wedge got the slot at Endor Flax took a position as turret gunner on the Falcon.

After Endor Flax was made Wing CO and after the first treaty with the Empire he was made CAG of the entire Second Fleet.

This is the position he currently fills.

Got off track there, however, the point is the Flax is a true Jedi, rather than a New Jedi.

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