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Azymn, please check your email regarding my bug report (emailed it cuz forums were down when I got the bugs)

Grapple does not extent or retract.
-It retracts, just not on your own will

Grapple hook falls to the ground when it touches a wall or ceiling.
- Haven't had that problem

Once on the floor, the grapple hook occasionally will not disappear. (A rare occurrence.)
-Haven't had that problem either

When the Grapple is set to "Mercs only", Jedi can still use it.
-I'll have to try that

When the Grapple is set to "Jedi only", mercs can still use it.
-That too

Level 4 force powers do not work, even thought they are enabled in the menu. (Whenever I allot force points to a level 4 power I respawn with NO force powers.)
-Works fine on my end

Sometimes when spawning as a Jedi you can't switch lightsaber stances
- Heh, yeah, had that happen myself.

That's all I got to comment on Padawan's post regarding my opinion (im not scrutinizing you or anything, just posting my opinions on the bugs ur reporting)
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