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Asgardreid: You a Jedi? Your really funny. Oh and to repent you need to feel sorry for what you did and you don't want to do it again. We don't feel sorry, we are happy that we prevanted people from suffering and we would gladly do it again. We are now trying to prevant and stop more suffering. It just so happens that in doing so we reverse our original deed. However the results remain the same suffering is reduced.

I do not take orders from you. The only people I will take orders from are the Aesir. So no I will not open the door you insolent moron.

*On the bridge Heimdall and Svafa were making preparations. When they burst out laughing after hearing the Ships comments. Looking up they noticed the Asgardried had on it's own accord opened up a video an audio link showing the entire scene*

Heimdall: You could have told him to use the chime.

Asgardried *localizing his voice to the brige, ie no one else can hear*: If that idiot can't figure out to use a chime to notify a person that he is outside then he doesn't deserve to be told.

Heimdall: Well it probably for the best. Misea doesn't exactly like Irvine or his sect of Jedi.

Asgardreid: Why didn't we blow them up like the Other Jedi?

Heimdall: Well they were not even a minor threat.

Svafa: All set. Lets get out of hear.

*The Asgardried lifts off and and leaves Balmore. Reaching space it orbits the planet until the sun is in sight.*

Heimdall: Launch when ready.

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