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HertogJan, Matariel.

Why are you guys tripping on the idea of having cool, flashy clothes for Jedi? Would seeing someone with that kind of gear "disturb" your Star Wars expereince? Serriously, lighten up. No one likes a party pooper. 90% of the stuff posted so far has been awesome, and mostly for darksiders who I might add, have the most flashy fashion sense in Star Wars. If you don't like it, don't play with those skins. Isn't that simple? So if you're just going to continue restating your opinion over and over again, can you just please take your complaints elsewhere? No one's forcing you to read this thread. Thanks a lot.

Anyway, back on topic. I found some more really cool threads.

Tom Cruise's Cowboy/Samurai clothes from "The Last Samurai".

Now tell me you wouldn't want to kick dark Jedi butt dressed like that!

Stormtrooper X:

I have a feeling that is isn't going to be nessicary to even "request" those skins. After all, they're movie characters. Someone's bound to make them anyway. I'll still use them in the game though.
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