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I for one have a few ideas that i'm drawing down. One is a jedi robe similar to anakins except that the leather part that goes over the shoulders is like a dark red with some black embroidery on it. The under robe however is black. Would look awesome on a sith. I am most likely going to introduce it in a mod i am working on for this game. Some good ideas would be to look at historical figures like the samurai and different myths and legends around the world.

As star wars is a myth based property i think most mythical ideas would look the most fantastic. For those that want trench coats, maybe a variation on the coat, just with that special star wars touch. Hell i already have a few ideas on how i would do that.

Maybe try some armor for shoulder pads or put decals on the lapels of the coat. Remember star wars is a place where you can use your imagination, there are no rules in terms of design, i mean it doesn't exactly have to come from lucas himself in order for it to fit in the universe. Gee i wonder what the hardcore geeks are gonna do when lucas dies........
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