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- Glottis

"What's the buzz, boys?"
"...... I mean you know what's wrong, Manny? Every time they make us work and... we just don't want to!"
"I can't take all this injustice, I'm leaving!"
"Things aren't there should be, Manny. It's more we need to control the... uhh... the uhh... Well, it's like we want to control the means of... I mean... Ahhh! Forget it! I'm just a dumb, hungry, workless bee, you know!"

- Manny and Terry

I've just edited a little with this talk, so it could be extra funnier.

"Incredible, Glottis! I've never thought you liked to gamble like this!"
"Well, my nurse let me promise to never get here..... BUT THEY WON'T LET ME IN THAT HIGH ROLLER'S LOUNGE!!!!"
"Coming home soon?"
"Shhhhh... I'm ''--''ing!"

- Manny and Glottis

"Here! Welcome to the union, Manny! Our meeting is first tuesday every month, and don't forget to pay my dues."
""Don't forget to pay my dues", hehe!"

- Chowchilla Charlie and Manny

The union members are paying the dues in the first tuesday because these days are called "Duesday".

My first comic-joke

Manny: Hah! "Bust-all", my ass!
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