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Name: Tongo Fett
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Dark Jedi
Age: 44
Species: Mutant Zabrak? Mutant Human? Xizzor Cat?
Home Planet: Trando
Languages: Basic, Wookie, Rodian
Hair Color: White/Leopard Colors
Force Sensitivity: 10/10
Lightsaber? Yes. 3. Uses two at a time and sometimes one.
Saber Colors: Two at a time: One Silver and One Black. One at a time: Orange
Bio: His parents were killed at the age of two by a rebel assault. A Jedi Master Echuu Shen Jon rescued him and took him to the Jedi temple. He say that Tongo's Medichlorians were higher than Luke Skywalkers, but thay couldn't stop training him. When he was 5, he discovered the dark side. By then, he was already a Form VII Master, and on the level of Mace Windu when he died. Jerec, an evil Dark Jedi was struck down by Kyle Katarn, and Tongo left the academy a year later. After Desann had been defeated, Tongo reappered to the Jedi, having been a bounty hunter for the time he was not a jedi. Tongo knew of the Dark Jedi ready to wreak havoc at the corner of the galaxy and joined them. When he met Kyle Katarn, at the Academy, they had a massive fight. Kyle was left with half his left arm and one third of him right leg, apart from his main body and head. Tongo left feeling guilty, and disguised as his bounty hunter self, he was hired by the Jedi to Kill the Dark Jedi. Tongo wasn't in it for the money, he was in it to realise his true fate. He helped destroy the Dark Jedi, and later helped New Republic to overcome the Yuuzhan Vong. After that he was hired to be cloned, with Vader, and all the mighty jedi, including kyle. They said it was for an experiment. An experiment for a Jedi to protect the Jedi forever. They lied. The clones struck down kyle. Tongo Fought two of them until he was tragically stabbed in the back, and he fled, deeply wounded. When he had healed in a bacta bath, he decided to destroy the new death stars, and fight the new tie shadows in an extremely dangerous dogfight in space. Tongo won. And eventually after painful and tiring space and ground battles, he completed his task. He was suddenly hit by a neutron beam 5 years later, and these were his final words" I'm ready, for it's my time, to die..."


Everyone was crying. Everyone but the new Emperor, Emperor Palpatines Clone combined with the superhuman clones from before. He had been voted chancellor, but since Tongo was around in spirit, he crippled the emperor's heart, and changed his ways to the good before he could cause disruption and war.
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