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*RH Irvine attempts to deflect the bolt, and he just barely manages to clip it. He falls, the saber deactivates. He pauses for a few seconds, eyes closed. Then he rolls slightly back, to roll back to his feet, in a croutching stance. He stands, still eyes closed, a wound dead center on his chest, blood staining his robes. He opens his eyes to a glare as the wound closes.*


[flashback: Planet Duriel, Fifteen years ago]

Master Hojo'Din: "Are you really that certain that you should train the boy? Haven't you seen what heppened when he got angry?"

Master Chi'Din: "It not that, the training will help him control himself. Besides I heard from one of the adults supervising the inccident, that the child deeply regrets in doing so. And I sense from the boy it is true. I looked into the matter that he's ususaly sub-conscious even about the little matters. He is quite politie."

Master Hojo'Din: "You'd understand with something like this, it will improve on his techique if he does become angry."

Master Chi'Din: "He really looks forward in starting the traininig. In time his sense of duty will help him control himself, just incase he does."

Master Hojo'Din: "Very well then. It's your ass." *smiling while walking away*

*Standing behind a corner, listening was a young red-headed child. He bolt out down the hall away from the corner, jumping and feeling happy with the little secretive game he played.*



*Parts of the walls and ceiling begin to crack. But nothing more. RH Irvine shakes his head, while force pulling his saber back.*

RH Irvine: "Starr, let's get out of here..."

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