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((I think that generally the new characters have stayed exceptable, however my gripe was with Vermor and Sertmor, the way Scar would keep upping the power every time I countered got stupid. I don't mean that new characters shouldn't be more powerful than the average Jedi, however lines like "Barely faster than the fastest force runner" are clearly meant to place Vamps above all Jedi, had the line been "Almost as fast as the fastest force runner" or even "as fast" I wouldn't really be bothered.

As to Flax, I was writing a NJO book called *searches through dusty hardrive.* Starfighter Command I: Hard Arm.

The Working title refers to an operation the crew will undertake in later chapters hat never got written. It needs a lot of work, however, here is the opening paragraph:

Hard Arm


General Taklin Flax looked out of the internal view port at the DefianceII’s main fighter bay. He ran his fingers through his bristling crew cut, his brown eyes taking in the busy confusion that always presided a combat mission. Flax was the commander of Red squadron and in-fact all squadrons in the DefianceII task force. The General allowed himself a small smile; today we will show the Admirals and bureaucrats that rebuilding Red squadron has been a worthwhile use of state funds.
“Sir?” The voice brought Flax out of his contemplations.
He turned around “Yes ensign?” Flax looked the man over. He was slightly below average height with a slim build and a nervous disposition.
The man saluted “Your ship is ready sir.”
Flax returned the salute “Thank you ensign.” The young man saluted again, turned smartly to his left and marched away. Flax shook his head and sighed, then he picked up his helmet and left the control room.

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