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((BD: And where do you intend to spar?))

Asgardried: Suffering was immense only for the Jedi and those who survived. The ones who died felt nothing. When A star goes nova there are only seconds before the entire system is destroyed. Finally some wisdom. I am after all a prototype, accidents can happen.

*A resonance torpedo is launched at Balmora's sun. Reaching the sun it detonates causing the Sun to go Nova. The Asgardried puts some distance between it and the planet.

Seconds after the sun goes nova the shock waves hit the ship and rock it a little. The planet of Balmora is utterly destroyed. Heimdall and Svafa watched the beautiful display. *

Heimdall: Alright lets go to Dagon Fel.

*The Asgardried raises the viewport shields and engages the slipstream drive.*

Svafa: It will take us one week to arrive.

Heimdall: Alright. I'm going for a walk.

*Heimdall stands, leaves the bridge and takes a turbolift up to the top deck. He wanders around finally comming to the observation room. There he pauses to look out. Slipstream had a far better look then hyperspace. (Think Aurora Borealis wrapped around the ship). He was glade the ship only raised the Viewport shields on the deck the group had access to.

Heimdall continues his wandering and comes to a schematic of the ship. From this Deck he had access to a small hangar bay. He had forgotten about that. The hangar could only fit two fighters. Since the hangar bay doors blended so perfectly into the walls they were a deadly surprise. He continued to study the ships layout.

The Asgardried consisted of three decks. On the top deck there was the observation lounge, The hangar bay, the Main armory, a pratice room (large enough for swords to be used), and a empty room. The middle deck, the one the group had access to, contained quaters that could house 50 people, the Bridge, another lounge/mess, a kitchen and access to the cargo hold. The bottom deck was for maintence.

Heimdall goes to the empty room and looks around. This would be perfect place to set up. Not to mention it had a great view.*

Heimdall: If you would please bring the equipment up here, we can begin to set up.

Asgardried: Alright, they will be here with the stuff shortly.

*Svafa meanwhile secured the bridge and headed to the upper deck. To talk and maybe surprise her brother*

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