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who..? what..? Where am I? I lost my teeth..

Hi there, I'm a veteren map maker from WorldCraft (halflife and Q3), so I know most of this stuff in Radiant already. The technical stuff isn't what is gettin me... it's the damn navigation! Radiant is SO different from WorldCraft as far as selecting things and moving stuff that that is the biggest obstical so far -_-; bla bla bla.. my question is: can I have two active windows with two different views running? That skinny "Z view" is an extremely poor replacement for a full active window view on the Z plane. And wtf is up with the 3D view? Are a, z, d, c, and the arrow keys honestly the best way to navigate that thing? And there's no "Redo" command either! I was messin around with some brush settings, I made a little mistake, I hit UNDO, and my entire brush disapears. It'd be nice to redo something as big as that, eh?

Can anyone help this geaser out? I dont need "making first room" or "making rocks" tutorials! I need a "How to make Radiant's navigation less crappy" tutorial!

So it goes.
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