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"so, from your fragmented grammer, ive assumed that you want raven to make these costumes, and if not, someone in the community?"

Please, I'm not even going to respond to such a petty insult.

"For starters, Raven will almost definately not make user suggested skins/models, the community should be responsible for making things like that."

Well major DUH, it was supposed to be funny.

"Therefore, i think you should hold off on the 'Jedi Fashion Show' until the game is released, that way you'll know what you can do, editing wise."

If it can be done in JKII, it can be done in JK:A.

You've done nothing but interfere with the purpose of this thread, which was just supposed to be for fun, and really sucked the life out of it. I've asked before, very politely in fact, for you to stop it. So either get with the program, or get lost. You've said your peice, now let us get back to discussing, AGAIN.
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