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Are you using GtkRadiant? Switching to Gtk may solve many of your problems... for example, in Gtk, "redo" is just ctrl+y. There are various viewport setups you can choose from in Gtk's preferences, maybe you'll find one you like better than the standard "skinny z plane" setup. As for 3D view navigation: in Gtk, if you rightclick in the 3D viewport, the mouse becomes "look" (a la "mouselook" in any quake-type game) and the arrow keys become "forward," "back," "strafe left," and "strafe right" (WASD)--by the way, in right-click mode, if you look straight up and move "forward," you will move up (as if you were hitting "d" in normal 3D view).


By the way... you mentioned a buggy behaviour that exists in JK2Radiant, the "undo = brush/patch death" weirdness; happily, this bug does not exist in GtkRadiant.
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