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((Ahhh. I see your problem with that - it implies that even if a Jedi had powers like no Jedi before him/her, then according to the "Rules" that would make the vampire just faster. I misunderstood what you were upset about

As for my characters, with the exception of say, Starr, Misae, and a few others, my characters were created for my own (as yet unwritten) story, designed for comicbooks))

*Duncan dodges the blows and blaster bolts sent at him easily. He stops Kalidor's charge with several more bolts, temporarily shorting out the cyborg's components. He continues to evade Cracken's attacks, although the Sith lord had now outstripped his speed. Duncan was out of range before Cracken could get there, as if knowing ahead of time from where the hit would come*

Duncan: You're fast, Sith, but not fast enough.

*Rwos takes out what could be throwing stars, except shaped more like axe blades. He throws them at the hunter. The blades illuminate as they fly, actively chasing Duncan as he dodges*

Duncan: Creative weapon you have there, Blade. *He fires his crossbow at the blades. They explode on contact* But I would have thought one of you could do better.

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