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*Cracken crouched, amazed, dumbfounded, but most of all, humiliated, and angry. No one could have dodged that, no matter what. Yet he did, as if he knew where he was going to strike.

Well, I haven't had to use everything i had in quite awhile.

Gritting his teeth, he bowed his head, and concentrated. Dark energies swirled about him, filling him, consuming him. The building started to shake a bit as he stood up, with a dark glow about him. He opened his eyes, and looked at Duncan. His eyes where errily completly black.

Suddenly, he burst forward with such speed, the very ground tore up behind him. He cought up with Duncan, and screamed*

FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN YOU COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Using Sith powers not used for years, he attacked Duncan with a furry like none other.*

((OOS: Before anyone makes an argument, this is Dark Rage. it's a power in JKII:JO that dark jedi and sith a like can use to make themselves faster, and stronger. Because Cracken has a wierd sorta magic use, he can make it even better than those before.))

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