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I attempted to address every bug you all reported, so if you see repeats just lemme know.
Just redownload it again from the same link as beta3.

- client ip's logged on connect
- Fixed flat look of tips for Ep 1-4 sabers
- max ~# of bot emotional attachments increased from 4 to 8
- "Jedi vs Merc is not compatible with..." message display occasions fixed
- mod_grapple settings will properly limit grapple to correct classes
- Merc bots should now use ammo regen properly
- Jedi bots should use mindtrick against mercs with optic radar now
- Bot jetpack use improved
- menu texts updated
- cvar_list.txt updated

To answer just a few questions that aren't covered (sorry my answers are short...gotta run):

The butterfly and aerial animations are very slow...could they possibly be sped up?
- Afraid not

In the ForceMod Model Class Config. it says that a 2 = Dual Thrust and a 4 = Dual Thrust (No Model). What's the difference between the two? (The description doesn't really specify).
- Right now, no difference.

1) Have you decided to add a Team colour disable Cvar
- Added some code for it, there are complications that may prevent it's implementation.
2) Have you been able to fix bots constantly switching their sabers on and off if Bot_honourableduelacceptance cvar is set to 1.
- Tried to...haven't been able to test it yet.

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