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Padawan, stop crying

Padawan, would you stop winging, heres a bunch of the bugs you reported, and they're all bull****.

Originally posted by Padawan_7

Grapple does not extent or retract.

When you use the Shield Recharger, the icon at the bottom left has a transparent green box around it.

On the Scout class descriptions on the "Player Configuration" menu, the line "Weapons:Sniper Rifle" is missing a space in it. (After the colon and before 'Sniper'.)

With "Dual Firearms" set to "Special Mercs only" I can play as a Heavy Soldier and still use two pistols (the same goes for Heavy Soldier bots).

Anytime I start a server and join as any of the 5 mercs, I start with the Stun Baton.

If you switch class Mid-game to a 1. Scout - you spawn holding a Thermal Detonator, 2. Bounty Hunter - you spawn holding a Blaster, 3. Heavy Soldier - you spawn holding a Rocket Launcher, 4. Hot Shot - you spawn holding a Blaster, 5. Trooper - you spawn holding a Detonation Pack. (I think all classes should start with pistols for safety and consistency.)

I did the same as above with both a Hot Shot bot and a Trooper bot... they didn't seem to run out of ammo after a good amount of firing (although they ended up getting killed because my saber would eventually reflect their blaster shots back to them - so I'm not totally sure).

Even though the menu saves my rgb saber settings, every time I start the game fresh the saber starts out white.

Wall jumps made by running face front into the wall does not work, even though I have level 3 force jump.


Grapple not extending or retracting, Azymn's said he's working on this a million times, stop repeating everyone else.

Shield recharge has a transparent green box. THATS NOT A BUG!!! It's just the icon you dumbass.

No space between "weapons:Sniper Rifle" Who cares, you can still see what weapons your getting, why does it matter AT ALL?

Dual firearms, special mercs only. Heavy soldiers are one of therse special mercs! It says in there weapons dual pistols!!! It's not a bug if its MEANt to be that way.

Start with a stun baton, who cares. Cycle to the next weapon(s) and your fine.

Switching mercs gets you starting with different weapons, its becasueit their highest powered weapon. Who cares, same solution as above, change guns!!!

Troopers have unlimited ammo, it says that in their description. Thats why he/she never ran out.

It does save our colours, default is just white. all you need to do is go into the TCK saber menu for literally a split second so it refreshes your saber to those settings. No dramas there.

Double tap for front on wall run.

Sorry if I insulted you as I'm sure I have, but complain about something important and actually check the stuff your complaining about.
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