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Well I have some good news. I have part 1 of Beneath Monkey Island sitting on my harddrive all complete, and it's only missing one single sound effect. If I can find that sound effect online, I'll upload it tonight. If not, check again tomorrow, I'll have to call into the radio station and hunt through the CDs for it.

For both 'Just the Way you are' and 'Wookiee that's in Lost Cause' I had specific songs in mind I wanted to do, which makes it rather hard. For both, I had to resort to using midi files.

But for some songs, such as the 'You've Got a Friend in Me' on the end of the Howard Christmas Carol, it has been possible to find karaoke versions of the songs.

The song that's going to go with Beneath Monkey Island will be using a karaoke music backing. I'm hoping that it turns out well, it depends on my singing ability though.

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