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"Any meeting with this Hutt is bad news....I should'a listened to my contact." Thought Dathan.

The "throne room" wasn't nearly as large as Jabba's, but was certainly large enough. There were several guards posted throughout the room, not to mention the Droids.

Bringing his focus back to the Hutt, Dathan responds "I am willing to sell you 300 at the aforementioned agreed price."

"Ha ha ha, Surehand. You never cease to amaase me. I remember the number four hundred, not three." And the Hutt looks at a Bounty Hunter to his right.

Dathen visibly cringes. This is not what he needed. No conflict. The pleasantly quiet Bounty Hunter steps Dathans way. "That makes him not so pleasant." muses Dathan.

Explosions suddenly sound off to the east. Dathan spins as several guards move in the direction of the sound....

"Time to go."

The Hutt instucts his guards to investigate, and shouts instuctions to his droids.

The droids close on Dathan.

Does it get better than this?

Information is power.

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