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I tried to fix the saber blades so they would be saved differently, because they should load at startup. Check in your jk2mpconfig.cfg to see if tck_red1, tck_green1... are being saved in there.

Littleman206 - While you are correct on many of your points, it's important for me to know how other people who aren't familiar with this mod will perceive it. It's fine to point the stuff out, but try a more diplomatic approach next time.

Padawan_7 - I attempted to address the bugs you listed in your posts. Lemme know which ones are still occuring.

mariners2001 - I have removed extended sabers from the menu b/c it is unlikely i will get them implemented in the final release, and they're easily had by editing the tckmodel.cfg file for the character that would have them. And the % chance to break-a-blade on any hit is a bit too strong, and will be reserved for those who like experimenting with cvars, as it was never intended to be that easy a the base ForceMod game. That way there will be fewer servers who have people losing their special blades after one hit.

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