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((As I said before there is not indiginous life on the planet. Also with two ships and other supplies in the cargo hold there isn't any room. Although Hal might not have realized the additional supplies loaded at Balmora.))

*Idun walks past Hal*

Idun: If you ever insult our honor or say we have no honor again and I will personally kill you.

*Idun continues past enters a turbolift and goes to the top deck*

Asgardried: Stop that over dramitization, Balmora had no life on it. For such a righteous Jedi your quick to past judgement when you have only surface facts.
Upper Decks

*Svafa approaches Heimdall trying to surprise him*

Heimdall: Hello

Svafa: I should know by now that your hearing prevants people from sneaking up on you.

Heimdall: Yes you should.

Svafa: What are you doing?

Heimdall: Setting up a forge.

Svafa: Ah. The Droids can do that. Come on with me.

*With a curious expression Heimdall follows Svafa to the Observation room. There Idun was looking out a viewport and a Droid was setting a table.*

Svafa: Care to join us for breakfast?

Heimdall: I would be honored, but what about the others?

Idun: There fine, I'm fairly certain the ship won't kill them. For now let's relax, have a good meal and enjoy the view.

Svafa: And we can catch up on events.

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