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yeah I've tried GtkRadiant... its a step in the right direction.. when it works... ya see -- itse silly really-- well.... the dern thing crashes every time I make a brush *cough* *hack* *weeze* Any clues as to why it might be crashin on me?

edit- NM! nm.. i figured it out. Gtkradiant doesnt like me making brushes when no texture is selected. But this all lead me to another problem (last one, i swear)... the textures.. in the menu it seems I load them by spicifying what map I rip them from. But I dont get much, and often times nothing loads at all. Back in the day, you just nabbed some .wad files that were set aside, and you had the entire game's texture library ripe for the pickins. The manual is stubborn, can you guys help me out (last time for at least three weaks I swear!!)

So it goes.

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