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RH Irvine: *To Hal* "I of course don't agree with their methods. We all lost friends and family in that holocuast of theirs. But lets not count out that they also killed quite a few of their own also. This is their domain. He have to respect it. I allowed my emotions interfere with that common sense eariler. But it doesn't change that we are here. If they want to they can kill us right now, and show no remorse."


*WH Irvine wanders in the coradors.*

WH Irvine: *to the ship* "Just for the record, I would agree with them too. But I can't becuase I didn't really lose anyone in all that. Hell, the most I have gained from it, was most likey an older brother. Can't tell if it's a good thing yet, but it'll be something to look forward to in the future."

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