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((OOS: Flax wasn't with the group, BD. I'll assume he just got there

Scar: Obviously our characters don't agree...besides Gilian does have a cloak for her glider (and disks), she just didn't use it.

You also missed the point of what Cracken said. Starr and Gilian are in another room. Remember how the books were in a storage room? So your post about Irvine leading Starr to his ship couldn't have possibly happened.))

*Duncan dodges*

Duncan: Ah, a the law has arrived?

*He casually shoots down Greer, knocking the man unconscious with a wounded shoulder. He turns in Cracken's direction*

Duncan: How amusing. One of you calling a man a coward? *dodging Cracken's Dark Rage attacks* A Sith's you really are the same as the others.

*Noticing Deac is being weakened by Cracken's strange power, Duncan fires several immobilizing bolts into his side.

Rwos tries to move to help his friend. But something invisible weighs down on him, slowing his footsteps. He finds it harder and harder to move...

Suddenly, with a measure of shock, he realizes.*



Starr: *holding his injured arm* What are you looking for?

Gilian: A scent. *The device she hols reads "Tracing" then switches to "Found". A topographical map of what was clearly Coruscant buildings comes up on display*

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