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((Gah. Last night's post got eaten.))

*Misae waits for an answer, but Flax' ghost had vanished. She is surprised to find that she's disappointed*

Sithspit. Like he could have helped anyway.

*She barely notices the chime and the knocks*


Raschel: I don't know what Deac would do. And I don't guess it would help us. I mean, look what being a hero got him. A lonely grave in space! ...I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry. But Orthos, we are no heroes...what are we doing here?


*Marin and Aidan walk in a hallway near the docking bay Guy's ship was kept in. Aidan avoided the quiet Shadow, but at the same time gravitated towards anything that reminded him of the surroundings he was used to. Marin humored him*

Aidan: I don't like any of 'em. Half of them are jerks, the others are too arrogant to associate with anyone but their own kind. Got enough of that attitude back on Earth. Pieces of...

Marin: You aren't really giving any of them a chance.

Aidan: Who cares? They don't deserve one. I don't care about this "quest", or this "Time Matrix". If I had another place to go, I'd be there.

Marin: You realize the time is almost up...

Aidan: You're still on about that? I thought you didn't care about honor. Listen, that pledge doesn't mean anything to me. If you want to leave...

Marin: *smiles* Like you said...where else would I go?

Aidan: No, that isn't it. You actually like this. You want to find the Time Matrix. Deny it if you want, but saving all those people...and helping those others, even if they hate want it. You love it. Independence my foot. I can't imagine what you would do without people around.

Marin: *noncommitally* You aren't usually so...candid.

Aidan: *muttering* Must be the drugs...


*Guy practices combat in his ship's hold with a sparring droid. After he'd broken it to pieces for the umpteenth time, the droid ran out of power and didn't reform itself. It lay there in shards and broken bits*

Too much practice on one droid. I almost feel I should apologize.

*He replaces the power cell, but doesn't reactive it. He can suddenly sense something about to happen*


*On a hunch, he runs up to his top deck and activates his scanning devices*

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