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To all who can't compile and are trying new shaders!

If your compilier ever runs for around 40 seconds, completes, and doesn't create a BSP file, check to make sure you didn't leave a new shader file in the shaders directory. I had a new one called "garrison" in there, and as soon as I removed it, compiling returned to normal. Most annoying bug in my life! If some lonely soul hadn't fixed his own problem and reported it at then I'd still be crying about it today! I spent a day trying to figure that out. I reinstalled Jk2 Radiant, GTK Radiant- but nothing worked.

And it left me with one nagging question:

How do I test out custom shaders in MP mode?

I.E. for light-emitting, transparent, skies, and the ever retarded "surfaceparm metalsteps- water-splashing-replacement" shaders?
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