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Danyx follows Ellam's gaze at the zabraks, "no, if you mean those two, though eventually their kind will no doubt seek my help. I've been training, living really, as a scout of sorts. I know Naboo and Rori like the back of my hand, so taking tourists wanting safari and adventure on my homeworld has always been easy cash for me. I'm heading soon to my thirties, not getting any younger, and with the Imperials and the Rebellion heating up, thinking of expanding my education."

"I'm damn good with a blaster, and I can set up a fairly decent camp, but everytime a group I've been hired by goes and gets themselves into trouble, they expect me to know what to do with their gushing wounds," Danyx shakes her head. "I'm thinking I can make more money, raise the level of my services so to speak, if I can get some training as a combat medic. That means learning how to sew up those gushing wounds."

"Yes, yes, I know," she injects with a raised hand, "why not get the training from that scientist mother of mine. No thank you. I don't want to learn on my home planet with my interferring parents. I'm not a kid anymore. It's ridiculous. Ignored me as a kid now they won't leave me alone."

"I need healing skills, and people to practice on where a reputation won't follow me. If someone dies while I'm learning," she shrugs, "oh well," she smirks. "I figure there's enough mercenaries and neutral factions here on Tattoine, the farthest planet from anywhere, where when I get hired here if I screw up and someone dies, it won't follow me around the galaxy, ya know?" she says with a pirate smile.

"Getting the training is fairly easy, but getting the contracts to, um, experiment my experience on, now that's tougher. If I screw up with Imperials, I get thrown in the can. If I screw up with Rebels, I get a reputation that follows me around like a black cloud. And let's face it, everyone first learning a new trade is going to screw up. I'd just rather screw up on the contracts I take out on "tours" and "safaris" to not haunt me the rest of my life. When I get good, then I'll start working planets that aren's so far away from the center of the galaxy." She grins, looking sideways at Ellam with a smirk, polishing off her drink.

"Ready for another round?" she asks as she's suddenly distracted by the commossion. Checking her sidearm, she turns and nods to Ellam.

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