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OOC: That was good KL . I'll edit in a minute with what I'm doing.

[Edit – Here it is.]

As the hit team concentrated on the two Zabrak at the bar, Grask casually undid the straps on his carbine. Suddenly there was a roar outside, and the floor shook as Kra’sko’s mount pounded across the street. Grask knew what to do; he just hoped that somebody would know to follow their lead.

The doors of the cantina swung open, and Grask readied himself mentally. A blaster bolt took the leader in the chest, and the two henchmen focused their attention on Kra’sko. Now was his chance. Grask drew his carbine as he closed in on the closest henchman. The enemy turned slightly in his direction at the last minute, just in time to take an elbow to the temple. The goon dropped like a stone, stunned from the Zabrak’s strong attack. Grask lowered his carbine, pointing it at the Humans head.

Grask: Did you really think that allies of Vessen would let you get away with an attack like this?

Grask smirked slightly, but then his face went stoic. He took aim and fired, silencing the goon forever.

OOC: I figured I'd leave one alive for somebody else .

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